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Get to Know Paradise with Maui Private Tours and Transportation

Maui Paradise Tours and Transportation offers a wide range of personalized Maui tours, transportation services and adventures. Not only do our guides take you to all the most famous sites, we also offer access to secret locations not available on other Maui tours.

Our personalized tours can move at a casual pace and be customized to meet your needs. You set your own schedule by choosing from a list of popular island destinations. Once you’ve set your itinerary, our private guideswill take you and your group to the sites on your list, share special inside knowledge, and answer your questions along the way.

In addition to offering customized itineraries, we like to keep the size of our tours small. This ensures a personal feel, and that you and your group are transported comfortably in our seven-passenger mini-vans.

The island of Maui is filled with magic that is easily missed –unless you know where to look! Partner with our expert private guidesto show you the spirit of Aloha and make your island visit unforgettable.

When you choose Maui Paradise Tours and Transportation, you are choosing a touring company with knowledge, experience, and a true connection to the island and its history. It is because of our special relationships that our tour guides can show you hidden sites not offered on other Maui tours.

If you need more reasons to love us, or simply want to learn more about our company, read on for ten reasons to choose us Maui Paradise Tours as your partner in adventure.


  • All our Maui tours are private Any tour reservation you make with us is private, so you can relax and explore in the company of your select group of family, friends, and associates.
  • We offer custom, personalized itineraries We create a custom personal tour tailored to your specific needs. Simply choose from a list of available sites depending on what you want to see. If you’re not sure where you want to go, we’re happy to help you choose!
  • Get a truly hands-on experience We frequently stop to explore nature, take pictures, and walk through tour sites. You won’t spend your time looking at Maui through a window! You’ll be outdoors having a true island adventure.
  • Our tour prices are reasonable Explore Maui at an affordable price. Our personalized service is offered at the same or lower price than larger bus and van tours on the island.
  • Our private guides are all Maui locals When you choose Maui Paradise Tours, you get a friendly driver and an expert tour guide in one. All drivers are Maui locals, which helps ensure your access to inside knowledge about all of Maui’s must-see sites.
  • Our tours are full of games, songs, stories, and adventure All our tours offer fun and exciting journeys for adults, children, and seniors. We even know how to engage teenagers!
  • We treat you like our Ohana (that’s Hawaiian for “family”) We pride ourselves on creating Maui tours that are warm, friendly, and fun. Our professional private guides are engaging and knowledgeable, ready to answer your questions along the way and keep you safe at every turn. Our Maui private tours are focused on YOU, not an agenda…and you’ll notice the difference.
  • Flexible accommodations for passengers with limited mobility We are happy to accommodate passengers that require walkers and folding wheelchairs. We can still ensure that everyone has a great time.
  • A unique experience not offered by other Maui private tours Our guides make special stops at secret locations on the island – places you won’t find on your own, or on other guided tours.
  • We are ecologically-responsible and culturally-conscious Maui Paradise Tours is an ecologically-responsible and culturally-conscious company. We believe in the importance of respecting Hawaiian culture and tradition, and we practice "malama ‘aina" (translated as “caring for the land”) as one of our guiding principles.