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Maui Paradise Tours offers a wide range of Maui adventures including secret locations not explored by other tours.

Choose us for a high-quality, personalized tour that moves at a casual pace and can be customized to meet your needs.

Maui is filled with secret beauty that is easily missed! Get the most out of your Maui experience by taking a guided tour that is fun, adventurous, safe, informative, memorable and filled with the spirit of Aloha!

Maui Paradise Tours can offer you access to secret Maui beauty that others cannot because of our special arrangements. Standard tour sizes are kept small (in comfortable 7 passenger mini-vans) and a more customized tour experience can be offered than most others.

Maui Paradise Tours is an ecologically responsible and culturally sensitive company that believes in "malama aina" (caring for the land) and respecting and promoting Hawaiian culture and traditions.

If you need more reasons to love us, or simply want to learn more about our company, read on for 10 reasons why you should go with Maui Paradise Tours…

10 Advantages to touring with Maui Paradise Tours 

  • All Our Tours are Private. Any reservation you make with us is private, so you can relax during your tour.
  • Your very own personal tour. We create a custom personal tour that is tailored to your specific wants and desires.
  • Hands-on experience not from a window. We frequently stop to explore, take pictures and experience tour sites
  • Never Pay More Than You Should. Our pricing policy is affordable, and same or lower price than larger bus/van tours.
  • All Maui Paradise Tour Drivers are Maui Locals. When you choose us, you get a friendly driver and an expert tour guide in one.
  • Full of games, songs, stories, and adventures. Fun journeys for adults, children, seniors. We even know how to engage teenagers! 
  • We treat you like our Ohana. Tours are casual, warm, friendly, and focused on you instead of an agenda. Our Guides are fun, safe, engaging, knowledgeable, professional and informative
  • Flexible accommodations for a wide range of mobility. Walkers and folding wheelchairs are ok. We can still ensure that everyone has a great time
  • Create Unique Experience not offered by other tours. We make special stops at secret Maui locations.
  • Ecologically responsible and culturally sensitive company. We believe in malama aina partially by respecting and promoting Hawaiian culture and traditions.