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Keane Hana Maui Hawaii
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Sacred & Cultural Site

This tour offers the Best of the Hana Road with an added bonus a guided tour of the largest Polynesian Heiau (temple) in the world -- 341 feet (104 m) by 415 feet (126 m), with a high front wall rising 50 feet (15 m).

Access to Heiau is weather permitting.

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Not many tour companies have access to a sacred Hawaiian Heiau. The Heiau you'll visit has a unique relationship to Maui Paradise Tours LLC - be sure to ask your tour guide about it!

Learn about Hawaiian culture & history, and experience the mana (spirit, power) of the chiefs of old and savor the serenity of this secluded sacred space, while also enjoying the natural beauty of Maui's North-Shore rainforest!


  • Fully guided tour of the ancient Polynesian Heiau Temple (largest in existence!)
  • Polynesian gardens including the worlds largest collection of breadfruit, a traditional food crop which today is helping address global hunger, and other plants that were brought to Hawaii long ago in canoes that ventured across the Pacific
  • Numerous waterfalls and freshwater pools (many suitable for swimming)
  • Dramatic sea cliff views
  • Giant 300 lb green sea turtles right on the beach!
  • Black sand beach
  • Lava rock tide-pools suitable for exploration
  • Giant surf / expert surfers (in season)
  • Bamboo Forests (with optional hiking)
  • Naturally "painted" Rainbow Eucalyptus trees
  • Views of a "Jurassic Park III" filming location
  • Historic plantation town with locally owned shops/galleries/restaurants/grocery
  • Ancient farming/fishing village (with Coral Stone church that survived a 33 ft high Tsunami)
  • Road-side stands - local fruits, cane-juice smoothies, and amazing Banana Bread!